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I have always loved art! In the 4th grade I enrolled in an adult painting class at a local art supply store, and ever since then I’ve had a paint brush in my hand. With a degree in Fine Art from the University of Texas, my career path began in graphic design, and transitioned to marketing so I could devote my creative energies to personal projects. I’ve studied at the Glassell School of Art, Houston, The Art League of Houston, the Eliot School in Boston, Massachusetts College of Art and in workshops with nationally known artists.

What inspires me? Nature and its organic shapes, forms and light but most importantly color. Watercolor, my medium of choice, lets me explore the luminosity and subtleties of color on paper in a way no other medium can. I like to develop layers and colors over an initial sketch, revealing my hand in each work. While my paintings have a realistic tone, I think the changes from reality and decisions I make as an artist transforms a picture into a work of art. That’s my goal, anyway. Currently, I am exploring other watermedia including acrylic and gouache, as well as collage incorporated in my paintings to add a layer of depth. Please follow along with me as I explore life in color.


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